Connecting Pittsford Community with Rochester Students

by Deb Bishop

Student writing award recipients, teacher, and tutors

(front row) Four of the student writing award recipients with (back row) Ann VanBork, tutor, Kimberly Brown, teacher and Jeanne Whitney, tutor

I love watching a connection bloom into life-changing possibilities! It happens more than we might think at Third Church’s tutor program.

Tutor Ann VanBork made such a connection during this school year at Nathaniel Rochester Community School #3 (NRCS). In addition to tutoring Ann is a member of the Women’s Club of Pittsford (WCOP). WCOP serves the community in many ways including educational programs. For several years WCOP Continue reading

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Thoughtfulness is …

Bedtime Bag
There are lots of ways to show thoughtfulness – some big – some small. Our own Erin Colaluca prepared these great “bedtime bags” for our RAIHN kids along with some extras – they were age appropriate, and contained items like a huggable rag-type unisex doll, personal toothbrush/paste/soap, a bedtime book, and a toy – for some a container of tiny dinosaurs!

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Be Our Guest

by Ty Albee
DRM mealI headed out for lunch on a cold Saturday morning in January, trying a new-to-me place I’d heard good things about!

Upon my arrival the door was opened for me and I was greeted with a kind hello. As I made my way down the stairs I could smell something good was cooking, leading me by the nose like in those old Looney Tunes cartoons. Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

smiling face of child
I have a confession to make – 15 years ago I could never have imagined we would be looking ahead to our 52nd RAIHN rotation! Some in our congregation have asked to know more detail about those we have served and how we contributed to their journey back to independent housing. I am here to share.

So many of you gave your time, your energy, your compassion, your continuing pledge money, your YOU to our families who lived here during Thanksgiving week.  And over these past several years, I remain so grateful for Lou Loggi’s Continue reading

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More than Food

baggie of personal care itemsPeople who have food insecurities, and come to food pantries, have needs in addition to food. Government subsidies do not apply to many daily needs like toilet paper, kleenex, soap, dental care items, etc. Too often these needs are overlooked when we are focused on providing food. Thank goodness for people who step up to fill this gap.

A contribution from Doug Rice in memory of his mother Cile Rice, Continue reading

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Why Calvary St. Andrews?

By Tracy Walker

CSA in spring

You may have noticed the multiple notices about Calvary St. Andrews in recent Third Church communications and wondered why. The answer is that Third Church has “adopted” Calvary St. Andrews (CSA) during a transition period.

In recent years, CSA experienced a drop in membership and attendance due to multiple Continue reading

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“You Just Never Know!”

by Lynette Sparks

feed those in needOne Saturday this summer at Dining Room Ministry, a guest came up to me and asked, “Can you tell me who’s in charge here?” Whenever anyone asks me anything like that, my mind goes many directions! You just never know what the next question will be. Will it be a complaint? Is something wrong? What surprise might be waiting that I don’t really want to know about? Or is it something else?

That day was no exception. In the course of a few split seconds, I thought all of those things. Then I replied with a very cautious “How can I help you?”

The man proceeded to tell me he knew what it was like to need food and assistance, because he was once homeless and once in need of assistance. He expressed his profound thanks to God, giving the credit for helping him escape his former plight. He had provided transportation to our Dining Room Ministry for some others who needed a free hot meal this particular day.

Then he put his foot up on a bench, reached into his sock, pulled out a wad of cash, and handed me a $100 bill. It was for our Dining Room Ministry, he said. Could I make sure it got to where it needed to go? He gave thanks for the faithfulness of the church and for all of the volunteers who lovingly serve this meal every Saturday.

He wouldn’t tell me his name, not even his first name. He just wanted to share out of the abundance God had shared with him.

Why Outreach? Because in spite of preconceptions and assumptions about people that we all carry, you just never know when it will actually be Jesus who shows up!

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