Recognizing Excellence in Tutoring

Exciting news!
Our Presbyterian tutoring programs have been requested by the U of R Warner School implementation staff to provide volunteer tutors at the newly reorganized East High School this fall.
This is a great opportunity to be involved from the start and from the inside of this hope-filled happening in Rochester schools.  All HS subjects will need  tutor support: English, History, Mathematics, Sciences, Language, and basic literacy assistance is also needed.  Tutors will work at the school about 2 hours a week at a time and on a subject you choose.  East High will have classes from 7th grade through high school.
This opportunity is during the school day. In addition to retirees this can work for folks who are able to leave work at a lunch hour  or to tutor early and arrive at work a little later.  Tutors work about 2 hours a week at a time they choose.  Though our programs are funded by Third Presbyterian Church, volunteers from all faith backgrounds are very welcome.
For more information about this or about tutoring at our elementary programs at Schools #3 and #35, email Sue Maddock at or call 880-4596.
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  1. Robb Adams says:

    What a great opportunity for us and for the students. Let’s spread the word. How about contacting other UPT churches for potential volunteers as well. Also wondering if local colleges have offices for student volunteers to see if we could recruit from there as well. Lots to think about….

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