Should I buy diapers or wipes (I can’t afford both)?

diapersBecause of a hike in the price of brand-named diapers, some parents bringing their children to centers like the Jefferson Avenue Childhood Development Center (JACDC), housed in Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church on Jefferson Ave. in Rochester, are unable to afford both diapers and wipes.  These moms and dads tried buying diapers at the dollar discount store, but their toddlers broke out in hives because of an allergic reaction. So, not being able to afford both brand-named diapers and wipes, they were opting for buying the more expensive diapers and skipping the wipes. JACDC director Furnessa Mangrum discovered this when her staff began using much more of those institutional brown paper towels than usual. Let’s meet these moms and dads where they are. In November and December, please donate diapers (sized 3-6) and wipes. You bring them to church, we will deliver them.

*We’ll also collect kid-sized underwear and pants (navy or black) to deliver to schools #3, #35, and #25.

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1 Response to Should I buy diapers or wipes (I can’t afford both)?

  1. Robb Adams says:

    Glad to donate. Can you help more with brands? Are Wegman’s brand okay? Pampers, Huggies? Suggest some brand names and we’re on it. Thanks.

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