A fast-moving train

train1A fast-moving train. When I first came to Third Church over 2-1/2 years ago, that’s how Third Church Outreach was described to me. It remains an apt description! In just the last month….

  • John Wilkinson, Becky D’Angelo-Veitch, Susie Kieren, Emory Morris, and Lynn Lambert traveled to Kenya to renew our partnership covenant with the Kihumo congregation. Watch for information on when they’ll be sharing their experiences!
  • The sixth annual East Avenue Grocery Run provided a huge boost to hunger programs here at Third Church and in greater Rochester, all while involving a record number of participants (over 1,200) and what will likely be a record amount of funding raised (final amounts are still being tallied). Race Directors Jenny Hutkowski and Ellen Rye, along with the entire EAGR team, devoted the best of their efforts and talents to serve the city. And personally, it was a joy to be “Grocery Gal” along with my friend, colleague, and predecessor Rod “Grocery Guy” Frohman.
  • Great Schools for All (GS4A) held three town hall meetings to discuss progress on a draft legislative proposal to reverse the disastrous impacts of high poverty schools in Rochester by developing a network of collaborative cross-district schools and partnerships that will result in access to exciting and innovative opportunities for every student in Monroe County. To learn more, visit gs4a.org.
  • The first contingent of tutors in our pilot program at East High School has started!

And coming up…

  • We next host homeless families through RAIHN from Nov. 29-Dec. 6. Opportunities to help with setup/takedown, orientation, provide dinner, and stay overnight are still available. Contact loggi@gmail.com or LMahone1@rochester.rr.com to help!
  • Young Professionals NeXus has made The Corner Place the beneficiary of their black and white-themed Masquerade Charity Ball at La Luna Event Center on Saturday, Dec. 5th from 5-10pm. Help support the outreach to city children by attending or making a direct donation. Visit ypnexus.org/ball for more information.

I’m so gratified to be serving alongside so many faithful, dedicated people!

Lynette Sparks
Associate Pastor for Outreach & Evangelism

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