RAIHN Needs Help!

RAIHN logoRAIHN@Third’s online volunteer signup is live for our 46th rotation! starting August 28th ― which, yes, includes Labor Day weekend.

We have important spots to fill:

  • dinner
  • hot breakfast
  • overnight hosting

as well as

  • Day Center spots
  • Set-up/Take-down/Laundry

How to Sign Up

1. You can sign up HERE.
(After YOU sign up you can invite a friend to join you by email. And, please consider including your children/teens with you for hosting dinners; this is a wonderful family mission.)


2. Phone Lou or Laurie if you can’t get online (see phone numbers below).

Some very important news:

  • We welcome our newest support partner Temple B’rith Kodesh (TBK) to our team. Their enthusiasm for this anti-homelessness mission is inspiring!
    • The plan is to pair new volunteers with tenured ones, and we’ve created “greeter” roles for our newest volunteers during the dinner spot. New volunteers may also opt to “shadow” experienced ones to try this mission out for personal fit.
  • We will hold a special RAIHN training session for our newest volunteers, and all who would like a refresher, after this fast-coming August rotation – sometime in September (date TBD). RAIHN “certification” is critical to all client-facing (“hosting”) roles. Additionally, we are planning a luncheon later this fall for the entire team.
  • As always, please send your questions to
    Loggi@gmail.com (781-4237)
    LMahone1@rochester.rr.com (747-5852)

Only together will we meet our goal of providing a good night’s rest in a safe place where we share healthy meals — served up with kindness, acceptance, warmth, and compassion.

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