Team from Third Church to visit Kihumo Parish in Nairobi, Kenya

At the beginning of October a team of five people from Third Church will be visiting the Kihumo Parish of PCEA in Nairobi Kenya. Third Church has been partnering with Kihumo for almost 10 years with exchanges being made approximately every 2 years. Some of our friends from Kihumo visited Rochester in the fall of 2017 when many of us were able to meet them.

A project that Third Church is currently helping with is to finish construction of the school building for the older children. We are looking forward to be able to do some hands on work to help with this.

As we get ready to travel to Kenya we look forward to sharing more information and will be blogging as we are in Kenya.

The members of the team are: Brad Sparks, Gregg Hamberger, Jeanne Fisher, Dianna Daunton and Clive Daunton

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