Home Again

“…and bring me safely home again, you will be my God.”   Genesis 28:21

I’ve not seen the 2017 movie “Home Again,” so cannot comment on it. But I’m familiar with the title, and this week it came to mind in a most meaningful way.

The hospitality of Kenyans is legendary. I can see why. As previous TPC Kenya travelers have conveyed to us, it is truly extraordinary! Now we travelers, too, feel its warm welcoming kindness, sincerity, and unceasing generosity.

In traveling to several parts of the world, I have been the blessed recipient of welcoming and consideration in many places; Kenya exceeds them all. These people of God live their faith in a genuine manner, conveying hospitality and love to the stranger, as Jesus taught us to do.

About midway through our time here, it hit me: we are not strangers, rather brothers and sisters to our Kenyan partners, totally comfortable and accepted, surrounded by love—I am home again!

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