The Coffee Connection Experience

The Women’s Coffee Connection is an important local program in our community. It helps women turn their lives in a new direction – away from drug addiction and toward productive, healthy living.  This is life altering for them and their children and families.

In various ways, we hope to stay involved with the Coffee Connection for a long time to come, and we encourage you to stop in at 681 South Ave or 2271 E. Main Street, have some coffee or food, and support their work!

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Math Matters!

by Ike Neilson – Tutoring Coordinator at School #35

Wood blocks with numbers on themMy three year old really likes playing with blocks.  When he started he would try to stack as many blocks on top of one another as he could, to see how tall a tower he could build. When the tower would tip and fall over after four or five blocks he would get frustrated.  After a few dozen tries I showed him that with a broader base he could stack the blocks much higher.  This same idea applies to “Math Matters,” a program that is part of the Third Church Tutoring Program at School #35. If we build a broad base of math fact fluency, the students should go higher in their math ability. Continue reading

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“The Storm with No Name”

Baton Rouge, LA — 7.1 trillion gallons of rain fell over the course of four days in southern Louisiana late this summer – covering half of the geographic area of the state. Massive flooding ensued in places that had never flooded before. Continue reading

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Field of Dreams

The young men selected for participation in the Field of Dreams (FOD) were chosen by Caterina, the principal of School 17. She felt they had the potential to be a positive force within the school, and ultimately in the larger community. Caterina and we believe that developing future leaders is our most important challenge if we are to make positive changes in our schools and our community. Continue reading

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Box of foodBy the time you read this, the Christmas Basket Committee will have announced  Third Church’s annual commitment  to purchase, pack and deliver Food Baskets to city families whose children attend RCSD Schools #3 and #35, and to families who have recently graduated from the RAIHN program. Last year families in our congregation delivered baskets of food to 76 small, medium or large families. Also, last year, members of the congregation donated over $2000 so that TOPs gift cards could be included in each basket to be used by the families to purchase turkeys or other meat that the families  would enjoy.

Delivery of the baskets this year  will take place on Saturday, December 17 – a full week before Christmas (which falls on a Sunday). This means that we need to plan earlier than usual to make sure to take care of all the families that have been referred to us.

Last year, we delivered 76 baskets;  we hope this year to meet or exceed that number.     Please mark your calendar for December 17, and  plan to visit the Christmas Basket Table in the  Celebration Center all through this month, and sign up to deliver a basket. Even if you are not able to actually deliver a basket, your contribution is very important in order to  purchase TOPs gift cards.  Also, as in recent years, our schools have requested donations of all sizes of boys and girls underwear and socks, as well as warm hats and gloves.

For more information (or to sign up to deliver a basket)  please call:
Rose Pethick at 388-8546.

Contributions to the Gift Card fund may be sent directly to:
Third  Presbyterian Church
4 Meigs Street
Rochester, N.Y 14607
C/0 Carol Foster.
Please write “Christmas Basket” on the memo line.

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Third Church Outreach Ministries in the News


Tutor with group of elementary children

The Presbyterian News Service has just released a news story featuring the education ministries of Third Church Outreach, including our tutoring programs and the work of Great Schools for All. We are so grateful to all of the Third Church members and volunteers who make these important ministries happen in service to Rochester’s children! You can read the story HERE


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“A Phone Call…”

By Lynette Sparks, Sept. 15, 2016
helping hand
It’s not unusual for me to receive phone calls from individuals in the community who need resources for food, or clothing, or housing. I got such a call today, but the caller wasn’t calling about herself; she was calling to assist someone else – someone she’d recently met, a person who was homeless, taking shelter in an abandoned house. The best I could do was refer her to local agencies that have social services staff trained and equipped to provide that specialized guidance and assistance. And I happily did that.

What struck me about this particular caller was her compassion for the woman in need. You see, she herself had been homeless at one time. She knew what it was like. She knew the challenges of staying in a shelter. She knew the difficulties of carrying all of your belongings everywhere you go. She had walked in her shoes once, and now she was walking beside her. I thanked the caller for her care and concern for the one who was now in great need. And I was the one blessed by this phone call.

Why Outreach? Because the ones we seek to serve are the ones who, in fact, show us the way to abundant life – and all through a simple phone call.

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