Why We Tutor

Tutoring silhouetteTutoring can be a frustrating undertaking.  Between teachers who do not seem to understand the need to fill a volunteers time slot ASAP or the volunteers will go elsewhere, and tutors who do not follow the plan for the student, flack from the school district about when students are being tutored, sometimes it is very hard to find the motivation to do the job.  Continue reading

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Hope for Homeless Families

Graphic of family of 4We hear plenty about poverty in Rochester and with regard to homeless families, our RAIHN program is making a huge difference. RAIHN (Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network) is a network of 42 different faith organizations who collaborate to serve homeless families with children. Some congregations (“host congregations”) open their facilities to house the families for a week, while other congregations (“support congregations”) partner with host congregations and provide volunteers. RAIHN is an affiliate of Family Promise, which has 80 networks in 41 states and has served over 700,000 people since 1988.

It is often difficult for homeless families to find shelter as a group. RAIHN is dedicated to keeping families together while helping them find permanent housing. Continue reading

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Rescued From the Street

by Louis Loggi

Mother and child on the sidewalk

Homeless and on the streets.

A family searches for a place to stay on a cold evening…… sounds like the beginning of a familiar holiday story perhaps, but it is a cold reality for many in Rochester. You can easily picture the scenario:

An unexpected illness or car repair which ruins the limited budget, not enough cash so some bills go unpaid, the scrambling to recover until the next paycheck. Sometimes the scrambling is not enough and families lose their housing.

This is one of the faces of homelessness, albeit not the stereotypical one.

All of these situations create a short term housing crisis for families in Rochester. Continue reading

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‘Raising awareness’ through fair trade Palestinian olive oil


Um Hamza leads the other farmers in her village with a vision of organic agriculture

The Peacemaking Mission Team is offering Palestinian fair trade olive products during coffee hour on December 4. Be sure to come and check out our olive oil, tapenade, and tomato caper spread from One World Goods.

We expect to have a good supply of the ever-popular infused olive oils and other products, great for gift giving!

Our goal is to raise awareness, not to raise funds: all items will be sold at cost to benefit the farmers of the Canaan Fair Trade Association in the West Bank. The Canaan Fair Trade website publishes the profiles for many of the producers of its products, including Um Hamza, who lives near Nablus in the West Bank.

The only woman farmer in her coop, Um Hamza is a woman of conviction who leads the other farmers in her village with vision and commitment to organic agriculture.  You can read about Um Hamza and the other fair trade producers here.

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The Coffee Connection Experience

The Women’s Coffee Connection is an important local program in our community. It helps women turn their lives in a new direction – away from drug addiction and toward productive, healthy living.  This is life altering for them and their children and families.

In various ways, we hope to stay involved with the Coffee Connection for a long time to come, and we encourage you to stop in at 681 South Ave or 2271 E. Main Street, have some coffee or food, and support their work!

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Math Matters!

by Ike Neilson – Tutoring Coordinator at School #35

Wood blocks with numbers on themMy three year old really likes playing with blocks.  When he started he would try to stack as many blocks on top of one another as he could, to see how tall a tower he could build. When the tower would tip and fall over after four or five blocks he would get frustrated.  After a few dozen tries I showed him that with a broader base he could stack the blocks much higher.  This same idea applies to “Math Matters,” a program that is part of the Third Church Tutoring Program at School #35. If we build a broad base of math fact fluency, the students should go higher in their math ability. Continue reading

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“The Storm with No Name”

Baton Rouge, LA — 7.1 trillion gallons of rain fell over the course of four days in southern Louisiana late this summer – covering half of the geographic area of the state. Massive flooding ensued in places that had never flooded before. Continue reading

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